Difference between single and double quotes in Python


In this post, I am going to provide a summary of using quotes in Python. It can be confusing to beginners but it should be easy to grasp by just looking at the following bullet points…

Quotes in Python

  • Strings literals in Python must be enclosed with single or double or triple quotes
  • It is nice to be consistent but having different types of quotes to enclose strings in the same script should be fine
  • If a single quote happens to be part of a string then a double quote can be used to enclose that string. The opposite is also true. We can use a single quote to enclose a string that contains double quotes
  • If you want to stick to a specific quote type and don’t want to mix both types, you can still use quotes within a string by using the backslash escape character
  • Triple quotes (single or double) can be used to define multiline strings (ex. documentation)

Let us demonstrate that…

Code snippet

If you run the following code snippet

You should get the following output…

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