Difference Between User Level Threads and Kernel Level Threads

Introduction Before we start, I recommend that you read this post first. It talks about concurrency in operating systems and clarifies the main difference between multitasking, multithreading, multiprogramming and multiprocessing. If you are done, let us proceed and define some relevant terms so that things are put into perspective. In this article, I am targeting

Difference Between System Call, Procedure Call and Function Call

System Call In order to better understand the difference between different call types, let us set some context for discussion. We are referring here to modern operating system (OS) design concepts. So, what are the main goals of having an OS in the first place ? Well, the OS achieves two primary goals for users.

YouTube Video Source URL

Introduction A YouTube video can be either public (anyone can watch), private (only the owner can watch) or unlisted (anyone with a link can watch). I like the third option because I can share the links with whoever I want and at the same time my videos do not show up in search results. If