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Computer science vs computer engineering vs software engineering

Computer science or computer engineering for software engineer? The aim of this post is to contrast some computer terms used in the industry and academia as well. Some people are just curious to know the differences but for students in particular, realizing what these terms stand for is very important before deciding on a certain

YouTube Video Source URL

Introduction A YouTube video can be either public (anyone can watch), private (only the owner can watch) or unlisted (anyone with a link can watch). I like the third option because I can share the links with whoever I want and at the same time my videos do not show up in search results. If

Fun Google Tricks

Who said Geeks are not funny. On the contrary they are funny but the problem is when they have fun they do it in a geeky way. Google Search Fun Here is a short list of search queries you can try using Google Search. Try them and have some fun: Do a barrel roll Zerg

Good Source Code

Question I was asked this question in an interview: How would you define good or excellent code? Answer Here is what I came with. I guess everyone can answer it using his own words. Excellent code is working code. I mean it is the code that implements a software requirement specification which eventually makes the