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Base64 encoding in Python

Introduction Today, we are going to talk about base64 encoding in Python. Understanding how characters are represented is very important to make sense of base64. For beginners, I highly recommend that you check the following article. It explains how Python handles Unicode and string data types. Let us get started… What is base64 encoding? Base64

Python convert unicode to string

Introduction Unicode in Python is not a beginner level topic. To get a better understanding, proper introduction is required. For the sake of this post, we are only going to provide few code snippets to demonstrate the conversion of unicode to string and visa versa. For detailed information about Unicode in Python, it is recommended

Python unicode strings tutorial

Introduction Unicode is an important topic in computing but it is a little bit confusing. In particular, it can be more confusing in the context of Python programming language. For that reason, the aim of our article today is to clarify the ambiguity and hopefully put things into perspective. Beginners may get confused because they

LZW Compression Method

LZW Algorithm: Introduction It is beyond our imagination to specify a ceiling for the amount of information that an individual or a group of people potentially need to store and/or exchange. Using computer systems, almost all kinds of information can be digitized and therefore saved to storage media or sent across channels all over the