Python int to string

Introduction Today, we are going to discuss how to convert numbers to strings and visa versa. It is a straightforward Python topic but it is important as well. There are various real life scenarios where type conversion is required. Before elaborating more, let us mention two example use cases to get a taste of what

Difference between deadlock and starvation

Introduction In computer systems, competition on limited resources such as CPU, drives, printers, database records, etc. requires proper synchronization otherwise, undesired effects may arise. In today's operating systems post, we are going to talk about deadlocks and starvation when a process or thread hangs up but never stop or finish the intended task. The primary

Flatten a list of lists in Python

Welcome to a new Python code snippet. In this post, we are going to suggest a couple of methods to flatten a list of lists. The final output is going to be a one dimensional list. Let us take an example: # Given the following list of lists # Write code to flatten it. The