Difference Between User Level Threads and Kernel Level Threads

Introduction Before we start, I recommend that you read this post first. It talks about concurrency in operating systems and clarifies the main difference between multitasking, multithreading, multiprogramming and multiprocessing. If you are done, let us proceed and define some relevant terms so that things are put into perspective. In this article, I am targeting

YouTube Video Source URL

Introduction A YouTube video can be either public (anyone can watch), private (only the owner can watch) or unlisted (anyone with a link can watch). I like the third option because I can share the links with whoever I want and at the same time my videos do not show up in search results. If

Execute Windows command from Linux

Winexe can be used to invoke remote Windows commands from Unix based system like Linux. Follow the steps below to build and install Winexe... installation Steps Download winexe from sourceforge Copy source code to the linux machine for example: scp winexe-1.00.tar.gz user@linuxhost:/path/to/winexe ssh to the linux machine and extract the package you just uploaded in

Sync Files between Unix and Windows

The rsync command can be used to sync files between Unix machines or between a Unix machine and Mac computer. Here is the syntax rsync -avz --progress user_name@source_host_name:/path/to/file/name /local/path What if you want to copy files from a Unix machine to a local Windows machine. Here is how: Install http://sourceforge.net/projects/grsync-win on the windows Machine then

SCCS Commands in Unix

This is my cheat sheet for SCCS the UNIX source code control system SCCS Commands To edit a file: sccs edit <filename> To unedit a file: sccs unedit <filename> To check in a file: sccs delget <filename> To list all the files that are checked out: sccs info To see the history of a file:

Parse Log File – Unix

Problem You have a log file on UNIX operating system. Each line in the log file contains an IP address in the 10th column where columns (or fields) are separated by a space. How can you print the unique IP addresses in the log file using UNIX shell Solution This is the same problem as