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Python unicode strings tutorial

Introduction Unicode is an important topic in computing but it is a little bit confusing. In particular, it can be more confusing in the context of Python programming language. For that reason, the aim of our article today is to clarify the ambiguity and hopefully put things into perspective. Beginners may get confused because they

Python compare strings

Introduction It is hard (even impossible) to find a real world application not using string comparison. It can be used in database lookup, searching for files on disk, sorting contacts and many other scenarios. String comparison in Python is not hard as we will demonstrate in today's code snippets. Let us get started... Python string

Python int to string

Introduction Today, we are going to discuss how to convert numbers to strings and visa versa. It is a straightforward Python topic but it is important as well. There are various real life scenarios where type conversion is required. Before elaborating more, let us mention two example use cases to get a taste of what

Lexicographic Order in Java

Lexicographic Order Problem Write java method to compare two strings lexicographically. The method should return 0 if the two strings are Lexicographically equal. It should return 1 if the first string comes before the second string in the dictionary. It should return -1 if the first string comes after the second string in the dictionary.