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Optimized bubble sort c#

Optimized version of bubble sort Bubble sort is a slow comparison based sorting algorithm. Can you suggest one way to optimize it. Optimized bubble sort complexity and solution Bubble sort works by repeatedly visiting all elements of the list to be sorted comparing each pair of adjacent elements and swapping them if they are not

Anagram string c++

Problem Write a C++ function that takes two strings of the same length as input and return true if the strings are anagrams otherwise returns false. Two strings are anagrams if they are permutations of each other ignoring spaces and capitalization. For example "CAT" and "ACT" are anagrams. Assume the input strings have small letter

Merge sort c++ algorithm

Merge sort c++ string Given a character string in small letter case. Write a C++ function to sort the string using Merge Sort Algorithm. Merge sort c++ implementation Merge sort is a popular sorting algorithm that runs in O(nlogn). It uses divide and concur technique so it keeps dividing the input array into two halves