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Python insert list into list at index

Introduction This is a frequently asked question in Python despite its simplicity. In the code snippets below, we will provide straightforward examples to demonstrate how to embed a list within another list at the beginning, middle and end. Let us start with the first case... Python insert list into list at beginning The list object

Python write list to file

Introduction Saving data structures such as lists to permanent storage for later retrieval is a common practice in computer programming. This technique is commonly referred to as data serialization or marshaling. The goal is to translate data into a format suitable for storage or transmission over network. In today's code snippets article, we are going

x for x in Python

Introduction This is going to be a compact post. Did the title catch your attention? Actually, It was intentional as we could have named it list comprehensions in Python. Looping in Python is awesome, if you are curious, you may check this post for more details about loops. In this post, we are only going

Flatten a list of lists in Python

Welcome to a new Python code snippet. In this post, we are going to suggest a couple of methods to flatten a list of lists. The final output is going to be a one dimensional list. Let us take an example: # Given the following list of lists # Write code to flatten it. The