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Difference between network operating system and distributed operating system

Introduction This is a commonly asked question among students. I think part of the confusion comes from mixing terms from academia specially operating systems courses with software industry terms such as cloud computing and big data. Network operating systems and distributed operating systems are fundamentally different concepts. Let us see what the difference is. Network

Throughput vs turnaround time vs waiting time vs response time

Introduction Throughput, turnaround time, response time and waiting time are frequently mentioned terms in operating systems. They may look similar but they refer to different methods for evaluating CPU scheduling algorithms. When multiple processes are running, the CPU has to determine which process runs next in order to utilize resources and optimize system performance. For

Memory mapped files in OS

Introduction Today, I am going to talk about memory mapping, a typical topic in operating systems design. I will provide a short summary of memory mapped files in an easy to follow manner. Before we start, I recommend that you get a basic idea about some relevant concepts such as multitasking and paging. Here are

Difference Between User Level Threads and Kernel Level Threads

Introduction Before we start, I recommend that you read this post first. It talks about concurrency in operating systems and clarifies the main difference between multitasking, multithreading, multiprogramming and multiprocessing. If you are done, let us proceed and define some relevant terms so that things are put into perspective. In this article, I am targeting