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Merge sort in Python

Problem Implement merge sort algorithm in Python. Solution For definition and explanation, You may refer to the following post. This post is just a rewrite in Python. Before jumping directly to the code, check out the following nice YouTube clip Recursive merge sort in python Take a look at the comments for explanation... # Merge

Recursive Exponential Function

Problem Write a recursive function to compute (x) to the power of (n) where (x) and (n) are positive integers. Your algorithm should run in O(logn) time complexity Solution Use divide and conquer technique. For even values of (n) calculate x^(n/2) and return the square of that as the final result because x^n = x^(n/2)

Merge sort c++ algorithm

Merge sort c++ string Given a character string in small letter case. Write a C++ function to sort the string using Merge Sort Algorithm. Merge sort c++ implementation Merge sort is a popular sorting algorithm that runs in O(nlogn). It uses divide and concur technique so it keeps dividing the input array into two halves