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Wavelet Edge Detection Tutorial

Introduction Image edge detection refers to methods of identifying points in a digital image where brightness changes sharply. Mathematically speaking we are looking for points of discontinuity of the intensity function of the input image. The purpose of detecting edges in images is to capture changes in real world object properties such as discontinuities in

LZW Compression Method

LZW Algorithm: Introduction It is beyond our imagination to specify a ceiling for the amount of information that an individual or a group of people potentially need to store and/or exchange. Using computer systems, almost all kinds of information can be digitized and therefore saved to storage media or sent across channels all over the

Recursive Exponential Function

Problem Write a recursive function to compute (x) to the power of (n) where (x) and (n) are positive integers. Your algorithm should run in O(logn) time complexity Solution Use divide and conquer technique. For even values of (n) calculate x^(n/2) and return the square of that as the final result because x^n = x^(n/2)

Optimized bubble sort c#

Optimized version of bubble sort Bubble sort is a slow comparison based sorting algorithm. Can you suggest one way to optimize it. Optimized bubble sort complexity and solution Bubble sort works by repeatedly visiting all elements of the list to be sorted comparing each pair of adjacent elements and swapping them if they are not

Make Change Algorithm

Problem Given an amount of money in US currency. Give an algorithm to make change of the given amount using the smallest possible number of coins. Recall that US coins are Dollars (100 cents), Quarters (25 cents), Dimes (10 cents), Nickels (5 cents) and Pennies (1 cent) Solution A greedy approach to solve this problem