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Nested loop running time

Running time of nested loop Given the following pattern matching algorithm which decides whether there is an occurrence of a pattern of size (m) in a text of size (n). The algorithm compares the pattern in a given location in the text checking all characters from left to right. //Includes #include <iostream> //STD using namespace

Merge sort c++ algorithm

Merge sort c++ string Given a character string in small letter case. Write a C++ function to sort the string using Merge Sort Algorithm. Merge sort c++ implementation Merge sort is a popular sorting algorithm that runs in O(nlogn). It uses divide and concur technique so it keeps dividing the input array into two halves

Array sum of pairs

Pairs with sum problem Given an array of integers A[N]. Find all pairs of integers in the array which sum to a given value (v) Solution Let us try to solve this problem using brute force approach Code for sum of pairs method Here is the code in Perl # Given value$v = 6; # Given

Array shuffle Java

Array shuffle algorithm Given an array of 2n integers in the following format a1 a2 a3 ... an b1 b2 b3 ... bn. Rearrange the array as follows a1 b1 a2 b2 a3 b3 ... an bn taking into consideration the following restrictions: 1. Arrange the array in place i.e. do not use any additional

Fibonacci numbers list

Fibonacci numbers problem Write a program to compute the Fibonacci sequence number of a given integer. Your algorithm must run in linear time ie O(N). What is the fibonacci sequence Definition: Fibonacci number of (N) is the sum of Fibonacci numbers of (N-1) and (N-2). In other words, the fibonacci numbers list formula: Fibonacci(N) =